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    OnFILTER’ CleanSweep® AC filters for soldering applications work with virtually all AC-powered professional soldering irons.
    They are rated up to 3A RMS and from 100VAC to 250VAC depending on the specific model. These filters are small and unobtrusive and require no maintenance.

    Use of CleanSweep® filters for soldering is very simple: plug your soldering iron through the filter and connect ground of your workbench or board under assembly to ground terminal of filter.

    Whether your facility power and ground are «dirty» or your own workbench contains EMI sources, such as microscope light, heat gun and others, CleanSweep AC filters for soldering applications provide noise-free power and ground to your soldering iron and reduce EMI caused electrical overstress.

    Electronic manufacturing Semiconductor fabrication Disk drive assembly Industrial robotics Military Wherever EOS is an issue Features Greatly reduced current from soldering irons Easy plug -in installation Optimized for power lines Effective noise suppression for all types of noise CleanSweep ® filter family includes single and three phase models for up to 250V A C 30A

    Safe Soldering Environment
    OnFILTER CleanSweep ® filters greatly reduce high-frequency current from the tip of soldering irons in presence of noise on power lines and ground and by this greatly reduce high- frequency current from the tip of the iron.

    Transient Noise Suppression
    Most of the noise on power lines is not continuous waveforms of high frequency but rather “spikes” generated by solenoids, relays, step – per and variable -frequency motors and alike. The peak value of these spikes can be very strong reaching several volts. OnFILTER CleanSweep ® filters are especially effective for this type of signals.

    Differential and Common Mode
    Attenuation OnFILTER CleanSweep ® filters provide suppression for both types of noise – differential (between power line wires) and common-mode (between power line and ground)

    OnFILTER CleanSweep® filters utilize proprietary technology to provide maximum noise suppression and reduce high frequency current during soldering.


    OnFILTER 3A AC Power Line Filter for Soldering Applications

    AC Filters for Soldering Applications

    OnFILTER Current from the tip with the CleanSweep filter


    OnFILTER Current from the tip without the CleanSweep filter


    Data Sheets

    Data Sheet for AC Filters for Soldering Applications AC Filters for Soldering Applications Data Sheet

    Data Sheet for AC Filters for Soldering Applications OnFILTER Soldering Filter Users Guide


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