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    The new Miniature ground line filter GLE04-01from OnFILTER is designed to reduce noise on ground inside equipment.

    Some examples of applications for the GLE04-01 are:

    – grounding of robotic arm of IC handlers and SMT pick-and-place machines
    – grounding of tips and wire spools of wire bonders
    – grounding of wafer chucks in wafer testers
    – grounding of robotic arms in industrial robotics
    … and many others.

    The GLE-04-01 filter can be used by equipment manufacturers as well as by the end-users of the equipment since it requires minimal intervention inside the tool and is easy to install. 

    OnFILTER can also supply extended-temperature version of this filter for semiconductor IC test as well as customized models to fit a particular tool.

    While regular grounding is sufficient for management of ESD risk, it does not address an issue of high-frequency noise (EMI) on ground and resulting electrical overstress (EOS) to sensitive components.

    Most manufacturing tools utilize servo and variable frequency motors, switched-mode power supplies, relays, solenoids and other components that generate high-frequency noise which pollutes ground inside the tools.

    The OnFILTER Groundfilter GLE04-01 can be connected in line with ESD grounding to provide significant reduction of EMI in addition to maintaining sub-1 Ohm resistance for proper ESD protection.

    Data Sheet
    OnFILTER-Miniature_Ground_Line_Filter_GLE04-01 Data Sheet for Ground Filter GLE04-01 for In-Tool Applications

    OnFILTER-Miniature_Ground_Line_Filter_GLE04-01 Users Guide for Ground Filter GLE04-01



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