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    CleanSweep ® AR Series PDU with Advanced Surge Protection and EMI Filtering

    Clean Power Free of Transients and High – Frequency Noise

    OnFILTER Power Distribution Unit (PDU) - AREC144FG

    OnFILTER CleanSweep® EMI power distribution units (PDU) provide transient – free and noise – free AC power for your sensitive equipment. Innovative design accomplishes a combination of multi – stage transient surge protection and maximum noise suppression of signals polluting your power lines and ground, freeing your equipment from harmful interference.

    Safe and clean power is essential for uninterrupted and problem – free operation of electrical and electronic equipment. Transient surges and electromagnetic interference (EMI) spreads through power lines and ground, causing downtime and errors in today s equipment and may inflict equipment and component damage.

    Unique design of OnFILTER ’ CleanSweep® series focuses on the properties of real – life signals on power lines and ground and produces maximum attenuation of the “ worst offenders ” on power lines.

    Increased Up – Time
    OnFILTER ’ CleanSweep ® power distribution units reduce equipment downtime caused by transients and EMI and increase its performance and productivity by providing clean power to your sensitive equipment.

    Real – Life Applications
    Unlike commodity filters designed for compliance measurements in a laboratory environment, CleanSweep® filters are optimized for effective suppression of surge transients and noise in actual applications providing superb attenuation in broad range of power disturbances.

    Suppression of Transients and EMI Noise on Power Lines and Ground

    OnFILTER ’ CleanSweep® PDU provide transients and noise suppression for differ- ential mode (between power ’ live and neutral), common – mode (between live, neutral and ground) and, uniquely, for ground itself Advanced Surge Protection OnFILTER CleanSweep® series PDU utilize multi – stage surge protection by reducing residual high – voltage “ spikes ” down to a negligible level

    • Data Centers
    • Electronic manufacturing
    • Semiconductor fabrication
    • Test and measurements
    • Industrial robotics
    • Medical
    • Military and aerospace
    • Wherever EMI is an issue

    • Easy plug – in installation
    • Optimized for power lines
    • Effective noise suppression for all types of noise
    • Advanced surge transient protection Models for up to 250V AC 30A

    OnFILTER CleanSweep® rack – mounted PDUs incorporate two stages of surge transient protection and EMI filters utilizing proprietary technology to provide maximum noise and surge transient suppression for your sensitive electronics.

    OnFILTER PDU AREC144FG Typical Performance Differential Mode

    OnFILTER PDU AREC144FG Typical Power Surge Attenuation

    OnFILTER PDU AREC144FG Typical Power Surge Attenuation

     OnFILTER PDU Power Distribution Unit AREC144FG Data Sheet

     OnFILTER PDU Power Distribution Unit AREC144FG Users Guide