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    Ground connects together all equipment in the facility and all metal parts within the tool. EMI (electromagnetic interference) generated by one «noisy» equipment propagates throughout the entire facility or equipment, and there are many such sources in manufacturing environment, compounding the problem. High-frequency signals on ground is never good news – it interferes with normal operation of equipment and creates electrical overstress (EOS). However it is easy to block propagation of EMI on ground by installing highly-effective ground EMI filtes in ground lines.

    For facility grounding please select Ground FIlter 30A on the right; for reducing EMI on ground within the equipment click on Ground FIlter for In-Tool Applications.

    GroundFitlers from OnFILTER

    Ground Filters
    • 30Amp Ground Filter – GLE30-1
    • Ground Filter for In-Tool Applications – GLE04-01