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    The patent-pending OnFILTER SF20032 EMI dV/dT servo / VFD filter combines two functions – filtering of PWM drive signal as well as of AC power providing complete filtering of noise from operation of servo or variable frequency motors.

    PWM motor drive filter section is rated up to 3A 250V which covers many applications of servo and variable frequency drives in the industry.  Filter «stretches» edges of the drive pulses to 1.5…1.8uS from typical 50…80nS significantly reducing high-frequency spectrum and reducing bearing current and electrical noise in the tool.  A patent-pending technology further reduces ground leakage current through the motor.

    AC filter section blocks noise generated by servo controller from polluting AC power lines.  This section employs both differential and common mode noise rejection.

    Place the filter close to the servo/VFD controller, not to the motor, so that the cables to the motor no longer have high-frequency energy to pollute the tool with EMI.

    OnFilter SF20032 Servo Motor Combo Filter


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