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    Hand-held EMI Adapter MSN12 connects your high-speed oscilloscope or a spectrum analyzer to any two points up to 380V and allows observing in real time high-frequency noise on power lines. Separated by a high-insulation signal transformer, this EMI Adapter offers broad frequency response and excellent impulse response to accurately measure high-frequency signals on power lines. EMI Adapter allows for measurement between any two points of your power line up to 380V and ground. It is optimized for low output impedance of power lines and 50 Ohms impedance of a typical high-frequency instrument. Because noise on power lines can reach significant magnitude, EMI Adapter has special patent-pending protective circuit limiting peak signal at the output to no more than 15V. Hand-held EMI Adapter MSN12 comes with test leads BNC cable, BNC 50 Ohms terminator and a BNC T-adapter which allows use of 1MOhms input of your oscilloscope for large dynamic range of measurements.

    Hand Held Power Line EMI Adapter

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