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    EUROFINS YORK - Comb Generator Emitter - CGE06

    The soon to be introduced CGE06 from Eurofins York is a replacement for thisr popular CGE03 kit.

    In comparison to the CGE03, the CGE06 has the same output but with frequency selected from 915 MHz or 1 GHz (the CGE03 was 900 MHz and 1 GHz). 915 MHz because that sits right in a general-purpose comms band.

    The CGE06 lasts almost twice as long on its battery (6.5 hours typ from a full charge, rather than the CGE03’s 3.5 hours) and is smaller.

    The big difference is the shape/format. With the CGE06 and PPU01 battery pack plugged together it looks much like the current CGE01, CGE02 etc. However the split is different, the CGE06 itself is a small rectangular “box” shape with the output connector on one narrow edge, making it a more useful shape for shielding tests.

    In addition, the PPU01 battery pack has its own charge circuit built in, so that it is charged using a conventional 18 V power adapter.
    The same adapter will also directly power the CGE, so for small enclosure shielding tests you can pass 18 Vdc through a port into the enclosure and the CGE, rather than trying to get RF into the enclosure.

    Eurofins York CGE06

    Eurofins York CGE06 Location of Key Items

    Eurofins York PPU01 Location of Key Items


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