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• ACTC – Automotive Component Testing Chamber
• AVTC – Automotive Vehicle Testing Chamber
• RanLOS – OTA testing with RanLOS (Random Line-of-Sight)
• SAC-10V – Semi Anechoic 10m EMC Chamber dedicated to Vehicle Tests per ECE R10
• SAC-10Vx – Next generation multi-purpose Anechoic Chambers
• UCC – Ultra Compact Chamber
• Verteon Class – Multi-purpose Automotive Antenna Chamber
Commercial Anechoic Chambers
• CHC – Compact Hybrid Chamber
CHC Plus – Pre-compliant 3m Compact EMC Chamber
• FAC-3 – Compact Fully Anechoic Chamber
• FAC-3 L – Fully Anechoic 3M EMC Chamber for floor-standing EUT’s
• SAC-3 / FAC-3 Transformer – Semi and Fully Anechoic 3m EMC Chamber transformable combination
• SAC-3 Plus – Semi Anechoic 3m EMC Chamber with dome-shape design
• SAC-5 Square Semi Anechoic 5m EMC Chamber with traditional square design
• SAC-10 Plus Triton Class with TRIPLE Axes Test – Anechoic chamber for 10.0 & 3.0 m measuring distance with triple axes test
• SAC-10/H Hybrid – Semi Anechoic 10m EMC Chamber with Hybrid Absorbers
• SAC-10/P – Pyramid Semi Anechoic 10m EMC Chamber with Long-pyramid P2400 Absorbers
• SAC-10 Plus – Anechoic Chambers for 10m measuring distance
• Shielded Room Modular and pre-fabricated Standard
Military Anechoic Chambers
• MIL-CHC – MIL Compact Hybrid Chamber
• MIL-STD Chamber – Military Testing Chamber for Vehicles and large EUT’s
• MIL-STD Chamber advanced – Military Testing Chamber for Vehicles and large EUT’s
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• Battery & Charging Systems – Battery Testing Solution and High-Power Charging Solution
• Fixed Load Machine with EDTC – Fixed-shaft Load Machine per CISPR 25 with EDTC
• EMC-BlueBox with EDTC-BB
• MEDET Hidraulic Modular E-Drive Testing per CISPR 25 with EDTC
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    Part Number or Numbers

    FRANKONIA - UCC - Ultra Compact Chamber

    FRANKONIA UCC Ultra Compact Chamber, 1m test distance

    Frankonia UCC - Ultra Compact Chamber, 1m test distance, Pre-compliance Automotive Component Testing Chamber

    Frankonia UCC – Ultra Compact Chamber, 1m test distance, Pre-compliance Automotive Component Testing Chamber


    Overview Frankonia UCC – Ultra Compact Chamber
    EMI CISPR 25 pre-compliance
    EMS ISO 11452 pre-compliance
    Test distance 1,0 m
    Volume Table setup


    Typical Product and Verification Standards


    • CISPR 25 (pre-compl.)


    • ISO 11452 (pre-compl.)


    Typical Specifications

    Chamber Type UCC – Ultra Compact Chamber
    External dimensions 4.280 x 3.080 x 2.550 mm (LxWxH)
    Setup Table setup
    Measuring distances 1,0 m
    Frequency range 9 kHz/ 150 kHz to 18 GHz (option 40 GHz)


    Performance & Compliance

    Pre-compliant emission (EMI) according to CISPR 25 Ed.4

    Pre-compliant immunity (EMS) according to ISO 11452

    Full compliant immunity (EMS) according to IEC/EN 61000-4-3 for small uniform field 0,5×0,5m

    Deviation FU 0 dB/+6 dB for 4 of 4 test points (100%)


    The Frankonia UCC was designed as an alternative to GTEM-Cells for pre-compliance measurements as well as for the fields of research and science. The walls and the ceiling of the chamber are lined completely with ferrite absorbers and the rear wall next to the EUT has an additional hybrid absorber lining of 6 m2, which qualifies the chamber for measurements in the frequency range from 30 MHz to 18 GHz. The most important advantages, compared to GTEM-Cells, are the facts that the staff can walk into this chamber (more simple EUT setup), the practical test setup with corresponding cable feeding to peripheral equipment, as well as the possibility of taking larger test specimen into the chamber. The UCC can be used for pre-compliance radiated emission measurements and immunity tests according to the standard IEC/EN 61000-4-3 in 1.0 m measuring distance. In addition, it is very well suited for pre-compliance measurements of automotive components according to DIN/ISO 11452-2 and EN 55025 (CISPR 25). If required, the UCC can also be used as a normal shielded room for conducted testing. Because of its small dimensions the chamber can be placed in normal laboratories or office rooms.


    Performance: SHIELDING EFFECTIVENESS (SE) Acc. to EN 50147-1 from 10kHz to 18GHz the following values are guaranteed:

    Frequency Shielding Attenuation Field
    10kHz 80dB Magnetic
    100kHz 100dB Magnetic
    1MHz 100dB Magnetic
    100MHz 110dB Plane wave
    400MHz 110dB Plane wave
    1GHz 110dB Plane wave
    18GHz 90dB Microwave


    EMISSION – pre-compliance According to CISPR 25 Test distance: 1m

    IMMUNITY – pre-compliance According to IEC/EN 61000-4-3/ ISO 11452-2
    Test distance: 1m
    Frequency range: 80MHz- 18GHz
    Uniform area: 0,5m x 0,5m
    Guaranteed FU: -0/+6dB for 4 of 4 test points (100%)
    Outside shielding dimensions (LxWxH): 4,280 x 3,080 x 2,550m

    Shielding and structure Quantity
    Shielding modules PAN type 1
    Ceiling/ wall reinforcement 1
    Rubber membrane under the chamber for humidity protection 1


    Absorber ferrite tiles F006 Quantity
    Floor lined with F006 (2m²) for EMS (FU) 1
    Walls and ceiling lined with F006 1
    Rail substructure for ferrite tile plates 1


    Pyramid absorber (foam) Quantity
    Floor with HF300 (2m²) for EMS (FU) 1
    Short wall behind the testing table lined with HF300 incl. fixation 1


    Personal door type 2011 – External leaf painted RAL 9002 (light grey) Quantity
    SLD 09/19/M Personal door with clear opening 938 x 1968mm, manual latching, prepared for receiving absorbers 1
    Door stopper 1
    Manual wooden ramp, load capacity 200kg 1


    Penetration panels, feed throughs & connectors
    Penetration panel (PP) 400 x 400mm, including C-frame 1 Pc
    N connector 2 Pcs
    N+BNC adaptor 2 Pcs
    FSMA connector 2 Pcs


    Floor connection panels & connectors
    Connection panel (CP) 600 x 600mm – automatic with jacks 2 Pcs
    N connector 2 Pcs
    BNC connector 2 Pcs
    FSMA connector 2 Pcs


    Power filter and grounding point
    Insertion loss high performance filters: 100dB from 14kHz to 40GHz
    Power filter 2x6A – 250V AC – 50/60Hz for the chamber 1 Pc
    Power filter 2x32A – 250V AC – 50/60Hz for the EUT 1 Pc


    Electrical installation
    Electrical installation 1 Set
    Lighting Halogen 160W 4 Pcs
    Shielded access box to the electrical distribution box with access from inside 1 Pc
    Electrical ducts in raised floor 1 Set
    Socket: 1phase 60Hz 32A (US type) 1 Pc
    Socket: Duplex single phase 16A (US type) 3 Pcs
    Emergency lighting low noise with 3 lights and outside UPS with filter 1 Set


    Honeycombs 400 x 400mm – 18GHz 2 Pcs


    Height: 150mm
    Raised floor modular standard up to 500 kg/m² with hot galvanized ground plane 2mm 1 Set


    Standard Equipment
    · 1 access door, 1.013 x 2.043 mm
    · 1 honeycomb insert for ventilation
    · 1 mains filter 250 VAC, 2 x 16 A
    · 1 penetration panel
    · Feed-throughs: 4 x “N”, 4 x “BNC” and 1 x for fibre optics
    · Electric installation
    · Illumination
    · Raised floor
    · Absorber lining


    · 3 phase mains filter
    · Signal and / or data line filter
    · Fan · Antenna tripod
    · Video and / or audio system
    · Verification of the chamber
    · Measuring equipment
    · Other extras

    For more detail, please download the following pdf file