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    The measurement of electric fields in medium or high voltage is used to detect defects in the electrical transmission system (partial discharges, aging of components like insulation) and also to determine the exposition of people to the electric fields.

    The Kapteos eoProbe is nonmetallic and fully insulated, and therefore can be used in these specific conditions.

    Example of specific projects:
     25kV cable degradation analysis
     Electric field mapping of a 25kV insulator with partial discharges analysis
     Analysis of partial and total discharges of a medium voltage system
     2D E-field mapping on a HV busbar
     E-field mapping on 3-phase cable splices at 6.6 kV

     Application Note: High voltage (insulation, partial discharges…)

    Application Note: How to determine the correct insulation for medium and high voltage systems.

    To determine the correct insulation in medium and high voltage systems, the electric fields that the insulation will be exposed to must be understood and monitored.

    Numerical simulations are quite relevant and accurate, but inefficient when environmental conditions like humidity, dust, ice, pollutions… are taken into account.

    An accurate, real world E-field measurement is required to determine the actual behavior of devices under test, sometimes under several tens of kV.

     Existing technical electrical measurement approaches

    For the analysis or monitoring of power line infrastructure, resistive or capacitive bridges are mainly used.
    The drawbacks of using resistive or Capacities bridges are:


     Require much setup time

     Safety issues

     Current measurement of human exposure solutions generally utilize a measuring device that utilizes a metal antenna.
    The issues are that the metal antenna will:

     Interact and influence the measurement of the E-field

     And these solutions do not provide a rigorous vector electric field

    Proposed solution by Kapteos
    The Kapteos electro-optic solution presents the best possible measurement system for High Voltage thanks to:

     Non-invasive measurement (no metal parts in the eoProbe)

     A wide frequency range from 30 Hz to several GHz

     A fully insulated probe with fiber optic link to the eoSense Converter

     An operating temperature from 0 to +50°C for the eoProbe

     The vector measurement of the E-field with excellent spatial resolution

     The same Kapteos solution can be used for normal operation and for defects detection (dynamic range greater than 130 dB)

     Targeted markets

    Manufacturers of medium and high voltage systems or components need to ensure correct insulation and component design for:

     Power lines for the transportation of energy
     And many more

     Customer advantages of the Kapteos solution

    The Kapteos solution enables highly detailed analysis of the raised issues. The customer can therefore accurately understand the situation, at a reduced cost, in order to take actions for improvements or corrections to product design or implementation.

     Kapteos References

     25kV cable degradation analysis (SNCF)
     Electric field mapping of a 25kV insulator with partial discharges analysis (UQAC)
     Analysis of partial and total discharges of a medium voltage system (EDF)
     EMC analysis of switch-gear under 25kV AC (Sécheron)