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 RF130R Loop Antenna
 RF200 and RF230 Broadband EMC Log Periodic Antenna 
 RF300 Van Veen Large Loop Antenna 
 RF550 mono-pole rod Antenna 

Laplace offers a Comprehensive range of antennas.
These cover all the radiated emissions and immunity test requirements. All antennas are supplied with calibration and AF data.






0.009  – 30 MHz

Large Loop Antenna
(Van Veen Loop)


EN-55015 (Luminaries)

Optional RF300C calibration loop available

0.009  – 60 MHz

1m mono-pole



Active mono-pole

0.01  – 30 MHz

Loop antenna


Automotive, CISPR16

Active loop, 18″ diameter

30  – 1000 MHz

Log Periodic


OATS and chamber emissions measurements

includes adjustable stand

1000 – 3000 MHz

Log Periodic


miniature antenna

30 – 6000 MHz

Hybird Trilog


OATS (emissions) or Chamber (emissions + immunity)

200/100w power input
10V/m (min) @ 3m
25V/m (min) @ 1m

Key Points

  • · Pre-calibrated and issued with Antenna Factors
  • · Specifically designed for EMC measurements
  • · Sensitivity and performance to match other industry-standard types
  • · Wide range to suit both OATS and chamber applications

Antennas for EMC testing is an optional extra for the following products:

 SA3000 – 3GHz EMC Emissions Analyzer
 SA1002 – 1GHz EMC Emissions Analyzer
 EMC10.3G Emissions Reference Source

Antennas for EMC testing appears in the following kits:

• RFG kit (optional for this kit)


RF200 Broadband EMC Log Periodic Antenna 

A conventional log periodic antenna complete with stand and adapter to enable vertical and horizontal polarization modes, and height adjustment from 1m to 2m

The RF200 is designed to cover the whole range from 30MHz to 1GH in one sweep. No need to change antenna part way through the scan. 

The RF2xx design is fully calibrated on the 10m OATS site at NPL. This data is included with each antenna. For emissions measurement, the RF200 is used in conjunction with the SA1020 pre-amplifier. This ‘head’ amplifier improves sensitivity and decouples the output lead from the antenna, avoiding
spurious cable influences on the results.
> One antenna covers complete band C and D
(30MHz – GHz)
> Compact antenna for 700MHz – 4GHz
> Supplied with calibration data
> Excellent sensitivity, ideal for EMC testing
> Vertical and horizontal polarization

The RF200 is designed to cover the whole range from 30MHz to 1GH
in one sweep. No need to change antenna part way through the scan.

The RFxx range are specifically designed for general use as EMC emissions measurement antennas. They combine excellent broadband characteristics with high sensitivity and sturdy
Although primarily used with the Laplace range of analyzers and receivers, they can be used with any other receiver and are supplied with full calibration data so that antenna factors can be entered into
any third party system.

In order to achieve optimum performance stability, the RF200 is designed to work with the SA1020 pre-amplifier, located at the head of the support.
This improves sensitivity and ensures that cable configuration does not affect results.
The RF200 is supplied complete with rigid stand and the RF230 is complete with an all plastic miniature tripod.

Laplace Instruments RF200 Antenna




Frequency range

30MHz – 1GHz


Antenna factor

See above. Data issued with each antenna

See above, Data issued with each antenna

Generic Calibration

Measured at the NPL 10metre EMC test site at Teddington, London

Individually calibrated at test laboratory




Nominal impedance

50 ohm

50 ohm

RF Output power




SA1020 pre-amplifier.

Carry case

Antenna type

Modified log-periodic


Size Length:

1.7m Across elements: 34cm x 20cm


Construction Tubular

Aluminum main beam, Anodized aluminum elements

PCB with outer cover


Adjustable height: 1m to 2.1m Tubular fiberglass/epoxy elements PVC/nylon mountings

Miniature tripod





Hard carry case

5m BNC – BNC output cable.

5m SMA—BNC lead

Element assembly tool.


User manual with assembly instructions

Calibration data

Calibration data


Associated Downloads

 Data Sheet – RF200 and RF 230 Broadband antennas for OATS


 User manual – RF200 – RF200 broadband antenna – User Manual


RF300 Van Veen Large Loop Antenna 

a fully compliant, 3 axis 2m diameter loop antenna, complete with non-metallic stand, current transducers, loop switching system and cables. To enable on-site calibration, a calibration loop is available, manufactured strictly in accordance with CISPR16.


  • Kay Features:
  • · This antenna is specified in EN55015 for the measurement of luminaries
  • · CISPR15 and CISPR16 compliant
  • · Includes all 3 axes with PVC frame and all connecting cables
  • · Optional calibration loop as specified in CISPR15/16
  • · Shipped in compact form, ready for assembly on-site
  • · Includes full instructions and all parts required for assembly
  • · Each antenna is individually calibrated and issued with manufacturer’s calibration certificate.

RF300C Calibration Loop

A calibration large loop (RF300C) is available as an option if on-site calibration is deemed necessary. The RF300C allows the calibration loop to be used on all three axes and rotated within each as required by the standards.

The RF300C large loop calibration loop is manufactured to comply with CISPR16. Full details of the use of this loop are provided in this standard. This item (RF300C) is available as a separate option to go with the RF300 Large Loop Antenna. The RF300 is supplied fully calibrated but the calibration loop is available to those who wish to check the calibration at regular intervals, and to ensure that the calibration is not affected by the environment.

RF300 (Van Veen Loop) Magnetic field emissions (EN 55015) using large loop antenna (Van Veen Loop)

Laplace Instruments Magnetic field emissions (EN 55015) using RF300 large loop antenna (Van Veen Loop

Equipment required:

A SA1002-A EMC Analyses

B RF915 Pre-selector

C RF300 Large Loop Antenna

D Software for your PC



RF300 comprises 3 orthogonal loops (2m diameter) with patch panel for switching between loops and non-metallic stand included.

RF300 Large Loop Antenna is an optional extra for the following products: 

· 1GHz EMC emissions Analyzer 
· Pre-Selectors for EMC test 
· Ancillaries – Radiated

Associated Downloads

 User manual – RF300 large loop antenna – User manual and calibration data

 Data Sheet – RF300 large loop antenna

 Large loop antenna – amendments to standards – Changes to CISPR15 and CISPR16 update the LLA definition