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The Laplace Synthesizers cover both conducted and radiated RF immunity test requirements. The frequency coverage extends from 100KHz to 230MHz for conducted tests and 30MHz – 6GHz for radiated tests. They are all controlled from the users PC via a USB link, and powerful Windows software is included to enable the user to control all the parameters of the test, to monitor the test in progress, and to view the results.


Key Points

  • • Creates the signal to be applied to the product
  • • Controls the intensity of that signal
  • • Monitors the condition of the EUT
  • • Acts as the interface between a PC and the test
  • • Includes PC (Windows) software to enable very simple operation


Software Details

The RFSynth software will run under any version of Windows from XP to Win10. It allows the following parameters to be set:

  • • Start frequency
  • • Stop frequency
  • • Frequency step (%)
  • • Stress level (V/m)
  • • Modulation (AM and pulsed)
  • • Dwell time
  • • EUT monitoring (ignore/stop/continue)
  • • EUT prompt output


It includes facilities to load calibration data for the test cell, field probe or CDN as appropriate.

Outputs include:

  • • Display of target and actual stress level vs. frequency
  • • EUT monitor
  • • System status
  • • Hard copy via Windows printers
  • • Results file storage to disk and subsequent retrieval


Product Specification





Start frequency




End frequency




Control feedback

RF (from CDN Cal. adapter)
DC (from E series CDN)

DC from LaplaCell
RS232 from sensor

Level control mode

Pre-calibrate scan (conventional mode)
Closed loop (with E series CDN)

Pre-calibrate scan or closed 


Common to all synthesizers:

Frequency step 0.1% to 5% of current value
 Output Level -60dBm  to 0dBm   (carrier signal)

Output level Indication

Feedback level indication

Bar graph display
 THD (worst case) 10%
 Modulation 1KHz sine, 80%  AM modulation200Hz, 10Hz & 1Hz pulsed. 100% level
 Control Mode Open loop (Pre-scanned) or closed loop. (Software selectable)
 EUT status Volt free contact relay input
 Fault modes Stop, pause, continue
 EUT prompt 4 pole c/o volt free contacts
 Modes Pulsed, Continuous, off



 Laplace Instruments RF Synthesizers RF3000 and RF6000 Data Sheet

 Laplace Instruments RF Synthesizer RF3000 Users Manual

  RF3000 software – PC software for radiated RF immunity testing

  RF1000 (RS232 only) – Application software for the serial (RS232) port version

 Data Sheet – RFIC Test system for IEC61000-4-6

 RFIC46 system user manual – Operators manual for IEC61000-4-6 test system

 RFIC-4-6 application software – Self installing software for RFIC system

 Data Sheet – High Current, Advanced CDN for 3 phase up to 100A

 Data Sheet – Advanced CDNs