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    Hilo-Remote Control

     HILO-REMOTE Software



    HILO-REMOTE Software 


    HILO-Remote is a family of software specific to each HILO-TEST device that is the ultimate remote control software.
    The HILO-Remote software is clearly structured and all information’s and settings are visible in one window.
    The HILO-Remote software family allows users to create user defined tests and test reports which can be modified with your standard text editing program.
    In addition, with an oscilloscope, it is possible to monitor every single test pulse and to store the image on the computer.


    PC Ethernet Interface
    A LAN connection is used for communication with the generator.

    An Optical Interface is available as an option to a cable connection.


    USB / RS232 PC Interface
    HILO-Remote also supports an USB / RS232 Interface Adapter for optically isolated connection between the HILO-Test device and the PC. Includes all necessary drivers


    Thus, the PC is completely isolated from the generator.
    For almost every HILO-Test device there is PC software available that allows the HILO-Test device to be operated over Ethernet or a USB/RS232 interface.


    Lab-View drivers for devices on request

    HILO-Remote Famly of Software Solutions

    Model # Product Description Part
    CE-Remote Software Multi-CE5, Ethernet with IRF 5201013
    EFTG–Remote Software EFTG, Ethernet with IRF 5202003
    SURGE-Remote Software CWG, Ethernet with IRF 5202034
    PC Remote Ethernet Interface 5300068
    Car-Remote Software program CAR-SYS Remote
    For control of the CAR-SYS series, is mandatory for the system. With Ethernet PC-interface, 5 plug Ethernet Switch for system Selection and parameterization of the tests accordingly ISO 7637, ISO 16750, ISO 21848, optionally VG and custom specific tests, Reporting and monitoring possibility with Tektronix series DPO3000/4000 or Rohde/Schwarz series RTE
    IPG-Remote Software program, Ethernet, Light guide, IRF 5300002
    PG Remote PC control software for PG generators with Ethernet media converter and power supply, light guide 5 m with Impulse Recording Function (IRF). In conjunction with Tektronix MDO DPO TDS 3000 series 5205050


    Related Standards: IEC 17025


     HILO Remote Software Data Sheet


    CE-Tester: Remote software demostraiton – Surge pulse





    • Generator control commands
    • Ethernet interface
    • Optical fiber
    • Galvanically isolated


    Hilo Control allows an engineer to control a generator with instruction sets sent through HILO-Control via a LAN Connection to the PC and an optical connection to the generator.


    Standards: IEC 17025